Entry Book

Royal Court Rules & Application Form

SUPERINTENDENTS: Stuart and Pat Neal, (330) 721-0964; Assistants: Jason Ehrman, Jessica Ehrman, Becky Gall, Joe Aungst, Mary Aungst and Maureen Hudak,

A Royal Court consisting of a king, a queen and attendants will represent the 2017 Medina County Fair.
The king will receive a belt buckle provided by VALLEY TACK SHOP, INC, 6780 Center Rd., Valley City; Phone: 330- 483-3366; an embroidered jacket and sash provided by MEDINA COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.
The queen will receive a sash, tiara and an embroidered jacket provided by THE MEDINA COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.  The Royal Court will receive flowers provided by HOUSE OF FLOWERS, 322 East Smith Rd., Medina, OH Phone: 330-723-8944. 
Other sponsors include THE TANGERINE PARLOUR, 4936 Park Ave., Seville, Phone: 330-725-2464;, STUDIO ONE 19 SALON & SPA, 119 Bank St, Lodi
Must be:
1. Resident of Medina County or a resident of a Medina County School District.
2. Between the ages of 16-19 as of January 1, 2018.
3. Currently may not be married, may not have previously been married and not be a parent.
4. Exemplify good character.
5. The queen or runner-up must be able to compete in the Ohio Fairs' Queen Contest at the Ohio Fair Managers Convention in Jan. 2019.
6. If the queen is unable to fulfill her obligations as a representative of Medina County Fair at the State Fairs' Queen Contest she will relinquish her title. The first runner up will be crowned queen and represent Medina County.
1. Applicants who register will be judged independent of each other on two separate occasions by a panel of three judges.
2. Application must be received by Fri. June 29th at 4:00 P.M.  Applicants must provide FOUR copies of the application listing school activities, honors, clubs, fair activities, and community service in which each has participated.
3. Head and Shoulder photo (no larger than 2 1/2"x4") is required and must be attached to each of the four application forms when returned.
4. Late or incomplete entries WILL NOT be accepted
5. Interviews will be held on Saturday, July 7th.  Professional dress is required.  You will receive a specific time after your application is received.
6. Specific Judging Criteria:
A. Poise
B. Personality
C. Communication Skills                                                                                                    
D. Responses to Questions
E. Appearance & Presentation
F. Activities, Leadership, Participation, Initiative, and Achievement
7. Contestants will be requested to attend a rehearsal on Monday July 30st at 9:30 AM in the pavilion.
8. Contestants must appear in the fair pavilion on Monday, July 30st for final judging at 7:00 P.M.  Queen contestants are to be in evening gowns and king contestants are to be in jackets and ties. The committee will choose a winner and two runners-up in each category after the final interview questions.
9. The Royal Court must be available to reign over the fair at various times throughout the week as directed by the contest committee.  Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in relinquishing title and awards.
10. Conduct of the Competition: It’s understood and agreed that The Medina County Fair Royal Court committee method of conducting the competition is at its sole discretion.  It’s further understood and agreed that the Medina County Fair Royal Court committee shall also determine the time, method and manner of judging the competition and the giving of awards is at its sole discretion.  The decision of the persons designated by The Medina County Fair Royal Court committee judge the various events in and all matters pertaining to the selection of the winners and the judge's decision shall be final in all respects.
11. The Medina County Fair Royal Court Committee will be following the guidelines in the Ohio Fairs Queen Contestant contract.  A copy is available at the Medina County Fair office.
Medina County Fair Royal Court application forms may be picked up at the fair office. Return to Medina County Fair Office, 720 West Smith Rd, Medina, OH 44256 by Friday June 29th at 4:00 P.M.

Royal Court Application Form