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Rough Truck Rules and Application


Rough Truck Application

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2018 Rough Truck Contest Rules
***Entry Rules***
1.  Driver must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
2.  Driver must sign a form, releasing Medina County Fair and its' people from Liability.
3.  Driver must show proof of ownership at the time of entry. (Title or Sales Receipt)
4.  Entries close one hour before scheduled start time the day of the event.
5.  No double entry of vehicles.
6.  Entry fee $10.00 plus pit admission. Purse is $2,000.
***Race Itself ***
1.  Driver must wear DOT or Snell Approved, full face helmet and EYE protection. Seat belt must be secure and fastened during competition. All drivers need to wear protective clothing - long sleeve shirts, shoes, no shorts.
2.  A. Stock Class, Vehicle must be street legal with the exception of open exhaust. No tubular frames, or open wheeled vehicles.
     B. Modified Class, Anything above and beyond street legal. NO UTV's.
3.  Truck or cars may be entered in the competition. No vans.
4.  Unsafe operation in pit area could result in disqualification. Leaving the marked course area will result in disqualification.
5.  Vehicles will be inspected for structural integrity prior to competition. ******All seats shall be factory manufactured, free of alterations and must BE SECURELY ATTACHED TO THE FLOOR. 
6.  All vehicles must have roof or roll cage.
7.  No cut, ground, bar, or special tires allowed.
8   Fuel cell or original fuel tank must be securely fastened.
9.  No pressurized fuels allowed. No NITROUS OXIDE
10.  All vehicles must have working brakes at inspection and at the start line.
11. All Pickup trucks must have clean beds and all bodies must be secure to the frames.
12. If less than thirty legally entered vehicles are present at the end of sign-in the field will be divided into heats.
13. Heats will be determined the day of the event.
14. There will be a mandatory driver’s meeting before the event starts.
15. Inspectors’ and judges’ decisions are final.
16. This will be a timed event.
17. Vehicles must have a legal time in the timed event to be eligible for the long jump contest.
18. All air bags must be removed.
19. A five point racing harness can be used only if using a roll cage mounted to the frame. 
20. All drivers need to wear protective clothing - long sleeve shirts, shoes, no shorts.
21. No extra weight of any kind may be added.
22. Additional safety regulations and/or rules may be imposed at race time.
23. Any deliberate infraction of the rules will result in vehicle being scratched and the driver will be banned for a minimum of one year.
24. If a red flag is waved by a judge anytime during the race the driver must stop right away.
25. Anyone disqualified will not receive any prize money.
26. No obscenities will be on any vehicle.
27. Battery needs to be fastened down and covered.
28. No drinking of alcoholic beverages on the track and/or infield.  The Medina County  fair reserves the right to search any vehicle entering the infield.  Anyone that appears to be impaired by any official may be disqualified and removed from the grounds.