Entry Book

Campground Rules

You may obtain a camping permit at the fair office for either $175 or $200 depending on size of your unit.  There is also primitive camping available for $25/day or $95/week. The campgrounds will be open at 3:00 P.M.  Friday July 27. You must pick up your permit in advance of parking your camping unit.                                            
1. No dog or pets permitted in or on the GROUNDS during the week of fair.
2. Space fees do not include fair entry. Everyone staying in campers must have and hold a ticket for the week of the fair. Tickets must be membership ticket, season, ticket, Jr. Fair pass or Jr. Fair advisor ticket.
3.  You must be age 18 or older to reserve a campsite in your name.
4.  Adult supervision is required for those under 18 at each campsite.  We will enforce an 11:00 P.M. curfew.
5.  Campsites can not be sub-leased.
6.  Campsites must be kept in an orderly condition.  NO alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted in the campgrounds.
7.  Health and fire codes must be respected and observed. This includes NO OPEN FIRES.
8.  No waste of any type is to be dumped at anytime in campgrounds. A dump station and waste disposal service are available to pump sewage tanks. All campers must have a container for grey water. Any signs of dumping in campgrounds will mean removal of camper and permit.
9.  Camping permits must be displayed in a place visible from the roadway.
10.  No vehicles are to be parked in the campground area. 
11.  No unattended vehicles are to be in the campground area during the weekend of drop off for campers.
12. No semi-trucks, stake body trucks, or farm tractors are to be parked in campground parking area. 
13. Any camping unit that exceeds the following must use the South campgrounds or appropriate designed camp spots:
A.  Pulls over 30 amps of electricity (Make sure you have the proper 30-50 amp adapter hook up)
B.  Longer than 29 feet
C.  Has more than one air conditioner
14.  Campgrounds are for recreational units only. Horse trailers must comply with County Health Dept. rules.  No concession storage trailers allowed.
15. Persons not abiding by the rules will have their contract canceled, and will be removed from the camping area with no refund.
16. The Medina County Agricultural Society reserves the right to cancel a site contract at any time or refuse or reject any application and will not be responsible for any accidents of any sort. 
 For the convenience of campers, there is a campgrounds shower facility.  There will be limited access to the fairgrounds for campers from 1 AM-4:30 AM each night..