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3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Entry Form

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
West End of the Commercial Exhibits Building at the Medina County Fairgrounds
Entry Deadline: July 20, 2018
Entry Fee: $50.00 per team
3-on-3 Charity Basketball Tournament Rules
  1. Before Play Starts
    1. Each team consists of 3-5 players.
    2. Teams must be signed up and prepared to play at the appointed starting time. After 7 minutes, a forfeit will be declared.
    3. All players must be listed on the roster and sign the waiver game sheet before each contest.
  1. The Game
    1. Ball Possession
      1. Shoot behind the 3 point line to determine first possession.
      2. Ball possession changes hands after each made basket.
  1. Double Elimination
    1. A team must lose two games to be eliminated from the tournament. There will not be a time limit on the championship game.
  1. Scoring
    1. All games to 15 points (win by 1). All regular games have a 20 minute time limit. Team leading at the end of the 20 minutes wins. In the event of a tie, 60 seconds will be added to the clock.
    2. 2 points for a basket beyond the 3 point line, 1 point for a basket inside the 3 point line.
  1. Substitutions may be made after any dead ball, including made baskets. There are NO time outs allowed except for injury.
  2. The “Check Line” will be anywhere beyond the 3 point line and the player in possession of the ball may retain control and attempt to score. All change of possession must go completely beyond the “Check Line”. After made baskets, ball must be checked by opposing player and passed into play.
  1. Fouls
    1. Common foul – retain ball possession
    2. Bonus foul – upon the 7th, 8th and 9th team foul, the player fouled will have one free throw. Upon the 10th foul and all thereafter, the player fouled will have two free throw opportunities to make one shot. After the 7th foul and on all such fouls thereafter, fouls during a 2pt shot shall result in 2 free throws to the player fouled. Free throws shall count as 1 point. After made or missed free throws, possession goes to the non-shooting team and ball must be checked into play.
  1. 3 second rule – the 3 second rule IS in effect.
  1. All other basketball rules governed by NCAA rules.
  1. Who calls rules violations?
    1. One referee will be calling violations and will be the final judge on any disputes.
  1. Sportsmanship/Conduct
    1. This is a charity event. Everyone should know how to act.
Located at: Community Center at the Medina County Fairgrounds
Team: 3 to 5 players. Only 3 on the court at one time
Age Groups (Men & Women): 41 & Over (Monday), 19-40 (Tuesday), Under 18 (Wednesday)
Prizes will be awarded for each bracket winner.
Call Bob Campbell: 330-608-3487 or Chris Sulzener: 330-636-1710