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2015 Medina County Fair
Farm Tractor Pull
Rules & Regulations
WEIGHT            MAX H.P.
 5,500                      55
 7,500                      75
 9,000                      90
 12,500                    115
 15,000                    160
 16,500                    160
 18,500                    200
 22,000 FWD           No HP Limit
 8,000 lb. Diesel Truck  

2.6 Diesel Truck Class
13,000lb Open Tractor Class

Both Classes have 20 participant limit.
Entry Fee is $25 for these classes.
Premium for these classes is $150 for 1st, $100 for 2nd, and $50 for 3rd.
Entry's close at 1st hook of pull for these classes.
1st and 2nd place finishers in 13,000 open class are eligible for entry into the Lorain County Fair Pulloff at their fair. 

2.6 Diesel Truck Class must follow NADM rules


1. No cut tires.
2. Maximum 20.8 tires.
3. Wheelie Bars
4. Side Shields
5. Air shut off
6. Helmet
7. Can have a p-pump
8. Scatter Blanket

Trucks and tractors will be teched.


Steve Arters, chair; Jason Ehrman, asst.; Joe Aungst, Mary Aungst, Bob Bauman, Julie Bauman, Dave Bertram,  John Bryk, Tom Indoe, Butch Keiper, Brad Mueller


1.  No pressurized fuels allowed except for L.P. gas no nitrous oxide allowed
2.  All equipment is to have a hood and grill.
3.  Only one entry per person per class.
4.  All participants will conduct themselves in a sportsman like manor.
5.  No alcohol or drugs will be permitted on the grounds. Anyone breaking this rule may be turned over to the authorities.
6.  Unsafe operation will result in disqualification. Hitch and PTO must be accessible without removal of weights. Hitch and PTO must be accessible without crawling over or under weights.
7.  A min. 12" opening must be kept in the center of any rear weights less than 48" above the ground to allow safe hitching to the sled.
8.  All equipment must be hooked to the sled from standing on the sled. NO ONE WILL GO BETWEEN THE VEHICLE AND THE SLED TO HOOK OR UNHOOK THE CHAIN.
9.  Any equipment using a cleaves as the point of hook, if under 7,500 lb. a min. 3/4" cleaves with 3/4" grade 5 hardware. If over 7,500 lb. a min. 1" cleaves and 1" grade 5 hardware.
10.           A maximum of 1" of spacers allowed between draw bar and hitching device.


1.  The event will be governed by three judges, all decisions are final.
2.  The judges have the right to stop a pull if it is being operated in an unsafe manner.
3.  Protests must come from a driver in the protested class immediately after the pull being contested is complete.
4.  Protester must make a $50 deposit for rechecking to the Tech Inspector. If protest is correct the money goes to the protester. If protest is incorrect the money goes to Medina County Fair.
5.  The judges reserve the right to change rules as needed.
6.  Any cheating will result in a two-year ban of the driver and the vehicle from all Medina County Fair  pulls.
7.  No drinking of alcoholic beverages on the track and/or infield.  The Medina County  fair reserves the right to search any vehicle entering the infield.  Anyone that appears to be impaired by the tractor  pull  committee may be disqualified and removed from the grounds.


1.  Weight includes the driver and the vehicle ready to pull.
2.  Equipment will be reweighed at judges request (all equipment in contention for prize money must reweigh before returning to the infield.
3.  Loss of weights will result in disqualification unless due to internal breakage.
4.  All equipment will be weighed on the Fair scales.


1.  The track will be a minimum of 20' wide.
2.  Touching or crossing the plane of the chalked line between 0 and 300' will result in disqualification.
3.  Shifting is permitted.
4.  Stopping forward motion ends the pull.
5.  Driver is to remain seated and be in control.


1.  All equipment MUST be inspected by the Tech inspector prior to pulling.
2.  Tech inspector may remove hoods and shields to look at equipment.
3.  All equipment in contention for prize money will return to the scales and the Tech area BEFORE returning to the infield.


1.  No dual wheels, tire chains, steel wheels or cut tires allowed.
2.  All Tractors must have working brakes.
3.  Draw bar max. height is 20". Draw bar min. length is 18" from center of rear axle to point of hook, no hitches can be hooked to hydraulic lifts.
4.  The hitching device is to have a min. 3" dia. hole, the edge of the hole is to be between 3/4" and 1 ½ “ from edge of the draw bar. Minimum draw bar thickness is 3/ 4” and max. thickness is 1 1/2" .
5.  Draw bar is to be stationary in all directions.
6.  No weights are to extend more than 30" from front casting.
7.  Exhaust is to be discharged vertically at least 24" above the hood or to the rear.
8.  22,000# FWD is for front wheel assist .
9.  There is no hp limit in the 22,000 lb.class but the factory seal must be on the injection pump.
10.           In all horse power limited classes the P.T.O. must be in working order and easy to get to.
11.           Four wheel drive tractors are allowed but front wheels must be disengaged, except 22,000 FWD class.
12.           All turbo chargers must be covered by the hood or 1/16 steel.
13.           Tractors have one minute to hook up after they are signaled.
14.           All tractors in contention for prize money will be tested for peak horsepower.
15.           Only one pull per tractor unless there is a tie. No test pulls.
16.           Fire extinguishers are recommended.
17.           No weights of any kind will be permitted on 3 point hitch assembly.
18.           Weights are not to exceed 14" behind the center of the rear ball on the 3 point hitch arm.
19.           All weights must be attached securely.
20.           If weights and /or brackets do not appear safe or impair hooking to the dyno, the weights will have to be removed before hooking to the dyno. This is to be the decision of the dyno operator.
21.           Quick hitch allowed in 22,000 lb. class, but no weights attached.
22.           No weights are to be carried on the operator’s platform.
23.           To regulate over speeding of engines while pulling, maximum PTO speeds will be tested when hooked to the dyno. Tractors with 540 RPM shafts will be allowed no more than 800 RPMs. Tractors with 1,000 RPM Shafts will be allowed no more than 1300 RPM All engines must have a working governor.
24.           All non factory throttle stops must not be reachable from the operator’s platform.
25.           Tractor engine must be shut off when hooking or unhooking the dyno.
26.           Tractors must be equipped with starter and battery or original starting equipment to allow restarting at the dyno.
27.           Only one adapter is allowed to get to the standard 1,000 RPM PTO shaft spline. The adapter from standard 540 to 1,000 will be provided. Other odd size shafts must provide one adapter to standard 1,000 spline.
28.           Dynometer will close for prechecks at start of the 1st hitch of the pull.
29.           Competitors in classes must be a resident of a Medina Co. School District.
31.           Entry fee is $5.
32.           Strip tickets will be taken at Gate 1.  Every person pays gate admission.
33.           Minors need written consent from Parents.
34.           A vehicle may only be entered in one class. NO DOUBLE ENTRIES.
35.           The top eleven tractors will be held in an area away from the spectators. If you must leave your tractor tell the person watching the area that you must leave. IT IS THE OPERATORS RESPONSIBILITY KEEP OTHERS AWAY FROM YOUR TRACTOR OR YOU MAY BE DISQUALIFIED.


1.  ALL Trucks who place in the money will be teched
2.  8,000 lbs.
3.  No nitrous, propane, alcohol, etc. #2 diesel only
4.  No water injection
5.  Must have full interior, exterior, has to remain street legal
6.  Must provide license and registration
7.  Single charger only limited to maximum of 2.5; chargers will be teched.
8.  DOT tires, no studs, no cut or sharpened tires.
9.  No aftermarket transfer cases or transmissions.
10.           Rear suspension must have a minimum of 1" of travel.
11.           Must pull from Reese style hitch or factory bumper.  Hook point must be at the furthest most point of the vehicle. Hook point must be at least a 3" OD ring or clevis
12.           No aftermarket heads
13.           Engine must be out of factory one ton or smaller pickup
14.           Track and Tech official’s decisions are final.
15.           No Gasoline powered truck.
16.           No hanging weights.
17.           No weights in cab and/or bed of truck.
18.           Tool boxes and fuel tanks permitted, but no fuel in tanks and tool box must be empty.
19.           No excessive black smoke.
20.           No boost at the start line.
21. 26” height.

Stock Tractor 1-$50; 2-$40; 3-$30; 4-$20; 5-$10
                        Trophies for 1st and 2nd place
For each class there will be a Best of  Show trophy sponsored by WINKLER TIRE.

Click Here for the Farm Tractor Pull Entry Form