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          What's New This Year?

Free Entertainment for the 2015 Fair:

            The Elephant Encounter is back!  
         Free shows daily featuring elephants
                           Cory and Shannon!

                Granpa Cratchet and His Cratchetmobile
                       Shows for Children of All Ages

Fair Update:
     The Board of Directors voted at their February meeting to pursue the construction of a new fair office due to the rapidly deteriorating current office.  To offset the cost of this new construction, single ticket prices will be raised $1.00 for the 2015 fair.  
     Current tickets for children 11 and under, senior citizen and membership and season ticket prices will remain the same as 2014.  The price increase only affects single tickets for ages 12-64.  Instead of $5.00, the tickets will be $6.00.  Fifty cents of that increase will be applied towards the new office building;  the other fifty cents will go into a capital improvement fund to maintain the other buildings on the grounds.  
      We are dedicated to making improvements on our grounds to ensure that your fair experience is enjoyable and memorable.   We appreciate your support and hope to
see you at the 2015 fair!

See you at the 2015 Home and Garden Show, March 7-8